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At Hammond Preparatory School we are fortunate to have small class sizes and this allows for students to have ‘individual time’ with their teacher to develop their reading skills. A wide range of reading material is available for the students and our older children use the Library at The Hammond Senior School in addition to using our own Library resources. Students in the Prep School have discrete spelling, grammar lessons and comprehension lessons in addition to creative writing lessons. We expect our students to aim high and they do not disappoint!

The students are exposed to the work of many playwrights and dramatists and this expands their vocabularies and appetite for language learning, creative thinking and drama.

Literacy at Hammond Preparatory School is dramatic!


We follow National Curriculum guidelines for mathematics but we are not constrained by this and there is the flexibility to take advantage of ‘World Maths Day’ and maths competitions that happen locally and nationally. Several maths schemes are used together to ensure that students learn in a variety of ways, using different texts, ICT activities and practical activities.

Students in the Prep School have discrete mental maths and problem solving lessons in addition to their daily maths lessons. Teachers frequently make links between maths and other curriculum subjects to ensure that all of the children are stimulated, challenged and excited about learning maths.


Students are taught Science in a science lab by a subject specialist. The school follows the National Curriculum and there is great emphasis on investigative and practical work. Students explore forces, light and sound, Earth and beyond, materials and changing materials.


We are fortunate at The Hammond Preparatory School to be situated in the vibrant, historical City of Chester and we make full use of it! The History curriculum topics of Romans, Norman invasion and Castles and the Second World War are also brought to life.The students are able to explore the ideas of cause and effect plus the impact of events on people in the wider world. The children are encouraged to handle artefacts, identify relics and study ‘modern’ artefacts. Cross-curricular enrichment days are held to further develop an understanding of the daily lives of those that have lived in the past.


Geography at Hammond Preparatory School is a subject which involves the students experiencing places and skills first-hand. There is no replacement for fieldwork activities and all of the children will experience Geographical learning in the outdoor classroom.

Studies take place on the local, national and international scale and children study both physical and human processes. Being situated in the beautiful city of Chester provides the students with boundless opportunities to study a historical British city and our links with Kenya (with The Peponi Preparatory School in Nairobi), provide many opportunities to develop an understanding of the geographical and cultural differences/similarities between Kenya and the United Kingdom.


Students enjoy using the Information and Communications Technology facilities in the Senior School. The ability to learn independently is fostered by using ICT across all subject areas. The Prep School also have Chromebooks, which are used by all of the students.

Religious Studies

Religious Studies at The Hammond Preparatory School is of high importance as we believe it helps our students to learn how to become tolerant, understanding and culturally rich individuals. All major religions are studied. It is the aim of the Prep school that all children will have visited a variety of places of worship before they leave the Prep School.


A wide variety of artists are studied in depth at The Hammond Preparatory School and the students also visit a number of local galleries to further enrich the art curriculum. We use the national curriculum as our framework but our studies do extend beyond this.


During the week students take part a P.E. lesson, Dance lessons and a Swimming lesson, all taught by specialist teachers and coaches. We have an Astroturf pitch which is used for our outdoor lessons and dance studios which are used for our indoor lessons. Children take part in swim galas and Cross Country fixtures in addition to dance productions.

Forest School 

The garden at The Hammond Preparatory School provides an ideal place to explore and have an adventure.  It also provides the ideal outdoor classroom for our Forest Schools programme. Students experience a cross-curricular session delivered in the garden.  Activities such as mapping of the school grounds, environmental surveys, making tree faces, leaf collages, den building and building a ‘Bug House Hotel’, are some of the lessons that are part of this program.

We believe it is important to connect our children to the environment and that they should feel a sense of wonder at the world they inhabit.


Students are formally assessed on a termly basis in the core subjects and there are teacher assessments conducted regularly throughout the term. Teachers are always available to discuss progress.


Students focus on self-development and how they can contribute effectively as ‘global citizens’. Teachers are keen to nurture the self-esteem of each student. We strive to produce well-rounded individuals who are emotionally intelligent and ready to share and be proud of the talents they possess. The PSHCE curriculum is supported by an extensive outside speakers and workshop programme.

Our small caring and family atmosphere provides the right environment for the personal growth of our students.

Helping Others

Our students have developed a strong reputation for helping others by participating in numerous fundraising activities. We know that our students will leave Hammond Prep and continue to help others wherever they are.

The Kenyan Connection

We are linked with The Peponi Preparatory School, which is an I.A.P.S. (Independent Association of Preparatory Schools) school in Nairobi, Kenya and together we support MEDGO School, which is situated in rural Kenya and caters for children who are mentally and physically disabled.

The Creative Curriculum

All Prep school students have access to the theatre, drama, dance studios and music suite. These subjects are taught by subject specialists and the academic year is punctuated with productions in which all students can showcase their talents. When students enter year 5 and 6 the number of sessions in each creative subject rises to two sessions a week. Many families choose Hammond Preparatory School as we can offer a traditional Prep School education alongside an immersion into an arts rich curriculum.


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