Pupils at The Hammond School in Chester, Cheshire

Theatre Arts Advanced / DS2 Class of 2020

21/09/20Theatre Arts Advanced / DS2 Class of 2020

The DS2 Class of 2020 have shown so much resilience in the face of what has been a ridiculously surreal term. We are immeasurably proud of this collection of students who've adapted so well to the virtual world and it leaves us will no doubts that there's nothing that will phase them in the years to come.


The last two years with these exceptionally talented students have been an absolute joy and we have adored every minute (even the stressful minutes!) From chats in Mrs Hatfield's office to Seussical and getting that choreography mastered to the incredible work you've performed in Studio 3, carrying on the tradition of that studio's Drama student magic with ease.


We wish you all the love and luck for the future, not that you'll need it. Be bold, be brave and be brilliant and always come back to say hello when you can.


Thank you DS2, and enjoy everything you do and accomplish in the future! We're proud!

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