Pupils at The Hammond School in Chester, Cheshire

The Duke of Edinburgh Expedition is back!

18/09/17The Duke of Edinburgh Expedition is back!

After a break of a few years, The Hammond is proud to announce the re-instatement of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. 

On 6th May, seventeen Year 10 students (plus one senior student) took part in their practice Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Expedition, alongside Matthew Bodels, Erin Royle, Kevin Williams, Louise Maddocks and Martin Dutton. The trip was the culmination of weeks of student planning and navigation training, and all involved had a thoroughly unforgettable time.

All of the students successfully completed the requirements to pass an expedition, which involved 2 full days of walking in the Cheshire countryside carrying large, full backpacks, and one night of camping, in Burwardsely, Cheshire. For many of the students (and some of the staff!) it was their first experience of the great outdoors, and fields full of livestock proved very distracting!

We were joined on the Sunday by Maggie Evans and Mandy Hatfield, who spurred the now flagging students on to the finish. Credit must also go to Kevin Williams for cooking up a mean breakfast for the staff on the Sunday morning.

For the actual assessment expedition, students completed two days of hiking and camping in the Cholomondeley area of Cheshire. They were intermittently accompanied by an official Duke of Edinburgh expedition representative who assessed their skills and ensured their capabilities in the field were up to scratch! Despite the weather being against them during both the hike and during the cooking of meals outdoors in the evening, spirits remained high and once again The Hammond students rose to the challenge presented and all passed the expedition element of their Duke of Ediburgh Bronze Award.

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