Pupils at The Hammond School in Chester, Cheshire

PSCHE Democracy Day

05/03/20PSCHE Democracy Day

Today has been one of The Hammond’s PSCHE Days (personal, social, citizenship, and health education) and it’s been an absolutely wonderful and eye-opening experience for us all. We’ve got a number of people to thank...

We’d like to thank our local MP, Mr Justin Madders for coming in to talk to students about democracy, his experiences in parliament and the importance of maintaining a passion for fighting for causes close to your heart.

There were also fantastic talks hosted by members of the Chester Magistrate Court who were open and frank about the work they do, answering questions about the justice system. Students engaged exceptionally with the representatives and we couldn’t be prouder. A huge thank you to Maurice McBride and Paula Yates for taking the time to come in and chat to students.

Thank you to Mr Singh, a member of the Sikh community who spoke to students about his culture and what it was like growing up as part of a minority group in the United Kingdom and what British values have meant to him.

We also welcome representatives of the organisation 2020 Dreams to school to deliver workshops to Lower School students. Thank you to Steve, who’s workshop was based around Gender Equality and LGBTQI+ education and thank you to Rachel who’s workshop was based around the issues of prejudice, racism, intolerance and respect.

The importance of understanding the world around us and celebrating its diversity cannot be underestimated and the work all of our visitors did today with Hammond students made everyone think, engage and understand a little bit more than they did yesterday, sending students away with a lot to think about how they see the world.

Our young people have bright futures ahead and we’re proud to work with such open-minded and passionate students every day (even if they’re not that great at Steve’s warm-up games)

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