Pupils at The Hammond School in Chester, Cheshire

Black History Month

26/10/20Black History Month
This week we will be dedicating time to the celebration of black culture. October has traditionally been a month in which to highlight the contribution of people of colour to our lives and the aim for The Hammond is for both staff and students to further engage with and to celebrate the many forgotten black pioneers who paved the way in History, Science and the Arts.
During the course of this week, all staff are encouraged to implement an aspect of black History or culture within at least one or more of their sessions. Our incredible Prefects and School Parliament members have been particularly proactive and will be printing out pictures, information sheets and positive quotes to celebrate Black History Month which will be on display around classrooms and studios to educate and and inspire.
It’s important to remember, Black history is felt, lived and made every day. With this is mind, we encourage students and staff to engage with resources beyond October so that as a staff and student body, we continue to grow and to learn.
Check in with Hammond social media channels this week to see what we're doing to celebrate Black History Month this week and what we're putting in place to ensure that we are building a more diverse and inclusive future for the months and years to come.
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