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This experience is offered to young people from  School Year 10 onward, who are interested in pursuing  professional training at The Hammond.

Led by The Hammond faculty, our classes will run throughout the day in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Commercial.

The day will commence with registration at 9am, and will culminate in an exceptional demonstration by current students, who will demonstrate the varied disciplines offered at The Hammond. Participants are free to leave at 6pm.

Should you wish to reserve a place please forward the following details to: anthea.garratt@thehammondschool.co.uk 

name / age/performing arts experience/ current performing arts/academic training/ telephone number/address/email

We look forward to welcoming you to The Hammond

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TASTER DAY -  Calling all Year 5 pupils and parents...Find out more about Performing Arts at The Hammond - Year 5 pupils are invited to come along and spend the day at The Hammond on Wednesday 13th June 2018. To find out more please click HERE


The Hammond has a longstanding commitment to supporting and working with the local community, sharing the expertise of staff and students, as well as our facilities with a broader audience of young people.

As part of this commitment, we aim to build links and provide a range of experiences for our own students and other young people within the community. We therefore offer a wide range of outreach programmes in both dance and drama.

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