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The Hammond has been supporting the development of hugely successful students for a century. Over the years we have lost touch with many of our valued alumni. As we have recently celebrated our centenary, we are reaching out and rejuvenating our amazing network of alumni. Please visit our Facebook page and the link on this site, or contact us.

Having made contact with as many previous students as possible, we want to bring them back into the life of the school once again! We plan to host a regular series of events for our alumni, whether it be an annual dinner, a gala evening for one of our annual productions or an annual dance in our theatre.

Thirdly, we wish to inform our alumni of the many developments that occur throughout the school. Many of our alumni will not have visited our 420-seat theatre or our state-of the-art dance studios. Many may not be aware that we now offer a degree course. We want to change all that by keeping you fully informed so you too can celebrate our ongoing success.

Lastly, we would like to establish a Hammond Archive. It is often said that the roots of the present and future are in the past, and we firmly believe this to be true at The Hammond. We have therefore launched a project to build an archive of information and photographs that will enable us to chart our history, growth and development through the eyes of our students past and present.

We hope these efforts will see our alumni become fully integrate into future life at The Hammond, for the benefit of us all. We hope previous students will get in touch from wherever they are in the world to join this wonderful association. To join, simply contact us with a message, photographs and videos. We look forward to hearing from you!


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