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The Hammond positively welcomes applications from overseas students. Boarding is available for Lower school, and landlady accommodation for overseas students over 16.

Overseas students may apply for a place at The Hammond by downloading the application form and returning the completed form.

You can email your application form, or any other query to: info@thehammondschool.co.uk,

or post to: Linda Young, Dance Administration, The Hammond, Mannings Lane, Chester, CH2 4ES. UK.


Overseas students need to also submit an audition DVD.

In the DVD, you must show the following:

Dance Solo - (a dance of your choice, not tap). This should be no more than 1 ½ minutes

Vocal Solo - showing as much range as possible. This should be no more than 1 ½ minutes

Drama Monologue - Prepared Text, contemporary speech from a published play ( Post 1960), which is within your age range, and a classical speech  - Shakespeare. If possible, these speeches should preferably be commited to memory and each to last for no more than one minute.

In order that the panel can assess your flexibility, the following stretches must be included on the DVD.

Forward stretch over two legs, sitting on the floor

Back mobility - Sphinx position- lying prone

Turn out - lying on back, legs in the frog position, core engaged (back touching the floor)

Right and left legs front split - sideways on

Box Splits - front facing

Sitting on floor with legs stretched out in front - side view to show feet.


Please note: 

All overseas students are required to have a guardian present in the UK. Details of agencies can be obtained from The Hammond.

We qualify for Forces Allowance with HM Armed Forces and we can offer additional support for those with English as a second language.

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