Pupils at The Hammond School in Chester, Cheshire


A.T. Rose Bruford

The Hammond is a great place to develop yourself. The dedicated staff in a focused training environment help prepare you for drama school auditions.

I remember my 2 years there as great fun, and a safe place to explore acting, and as we played with texts of so many different varieties, and so many different styles of acting, we were safe to make mistakes and to know that we weren't failing, but we were learning to explore what we wanted to explore. I will always keep the people I met and worked with close to me because I understood so much more about myself when I left, and at Rose Bruford I am still learning and exploring but I know that my biggest steps were always at the Hammond.

C.C. Fourth Monkey

It is often a cliché to say that being part of any sort of institution is feeling like part of a family, but The Hammond really is a family, with such a fun, creative and supportive environment where you shall be given an incredible array of opportunities to grow as a performer.

The school itself has a stunning selection of facilities, from the black-box Sheilagh Fowler and Studio 10, to the full blown 400 seat theatre in the Performing Arts Centre. When I auditioned for many Drama Schools for when it was time to depart I was shocked to find that most of these professional institutions had barely the standard of facilities that this school offers.

To sum up, being asked to talk about Hammond is almost like being asked to talk about Hogwarts. It is this exciting, bizarre and magical place that is somewhat hard to describe to those who have not experienced it. But those fortunate to have be part of The Hammond experience know precisely what a special place it is.


The Hammond BTEC course not only gave me a range of skills across performance but also thorough support across the 2 years... The course is also unique as you gain excellent vocational training but also have the opportunities to take two academic subjects. The Hammond allowed me to find myself within performance and I have gained skills across many areas of performance which has benefited me greatly in further education.


The BTEC Course at the Hammond gave me the practical knowledge in acting and theatre that I wouldn't have got anywhere else. The inspiring teachers and range of theatre types we covered gave me the confidence to fulfill my passion of acting and go onto drama school in London. My two years at the Hammond school most definitely enabled me to get through my drama school auditions.

CD Mountview

Having attended The Hammond School since 2008, as a drama student, my confidence has grown an unbelievable amount.

The most wonderful thing about Hammond is the countless performing opportunities you are given throughout the year - alongside a great sense of community and belonging.

J. B. Sheffield University

The BTEC course enabled me understand drama in a completely different way, exploring various practitioners, performing a range of different material, and continually improving my acting style due to the invaluable support/feedback each staff member of the course gives.

Since arriving at Sheffield Hallam University to study Business, various course leaders have commented on my excellent communication and presentational skills, two elements of my personality that will vastly enhance my chances of employability. Without a doubt, this is down to all the wonderful training I was given at The Hammond throughout my time there.

Hammond has helped me to believe in myself and if you have drama school in your life plan, or even if you take a slightly different path (like I did), The Hammond is certainly the place to be. It’s not a school, it’s a family.

J.H. - E.15

I cherish my memories of The Hammond drama course and I am so grateful for the pathway it created to guide me onto World Performance. The BTEC really helped me to explore my performing skills in so many different ways, within an environment where I felt comfortable to take risks and really find my feet as an actor.

Hammond’s BTEC in acting conditions you with a professional and creative approach to work, as well as numerous performance opportunities and collaborative projects to try your hand at. I have most certainly benefited from the way in which Hammond shapes you into a curious, hard-working student with initiative and a professional attitude. Also, having experienced countless auditions for vocational training at degree level, I cannot stress how difficult it currently is to get into drama school. Not only did Hammond provide me with a sensible but positive mind set to handle the highs and lows, but the preparation and support every student is given during their personal audition process is outstanding. Hammond was most certainly an essential part of my journey to get to where I am now.

J.M. Mountview

Being at the Hammond has prepared me for many things in my life. Working in such a specialist environment encouraged me to develop my skills to a high level, the caring and engaging teachers always pushed us to make bold and inventive choices and it also encouraged me to be more confident in my own skills. The Hammond drama department is such a lovely and supportive environment to be in and one I will always miss.

L.K. Guildford School of Acting

Lemuel moved to Chester to attend the Hammond School at the age of 16 to join the acting course. During his second year he became a finalist on BBC's 'The Voice'. After loving his two years at Hammond, he gained a place at the prestigious Guildford School of Acting to do a B.A. (Hons) in Acting, tutored by some of the leaders in British actor training. After an intense Psycho-Physical training including projects on American Realism, naturalism, Shakespeare and clowning to name a few, Lemuel is now in his 3rd year.

Lemuel credits the Hammond and its staff for grounding him and setting the foundations he needed to excel within the industry he loves so much.

L.T. Rose Bruford

Being a senior drama student at The Hammond is very special because not only do you learn but you are an example for the younger students who look up to you. It helped me find my grounding and understanding in the professional industry and given me advanced skills for the next step of drama school.

"Aren't I lucky to have had something that’s so difficult to say goodbye to."

W.L. E.15

The facilities and teaching at The Hammond are fantastic and for me the BTEC qualification was an added bonus, as the course gives so much more. The amount of experience and skills I gained developed me as both an actor and a person, which resulted in me being offered a place at a renowned London based Drama School to further pursue my dream.

W.S. A.L.R.A.

The drama course at the Hammond is the only reason I am where I am today. Through endless encouragement I found stamina, skill, determination and (somehow) an even deeper passion for acting. I’ll never forget the wonderful time I spent there.

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