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Hammond Alumni  -  a letter from the School

The Hammond has been producing alumni for decades!  Hundreds of Old Girls - and, increasingly, Old Boys - are out there, some in contact with us through the good offices of Pippa Anderson or through Julia Edwards, but many with whom we have lost contact.  It is time to change this latter situation and to rejuvenate the network of Hammond alumni...

The "Former Students of the Hammond School Association", as it has always been styled, needs to change, and we are proposing to start that process now.  FSHSA is quite a long title, and an unwieldy one.  What do you, our alumni, think it should be called?  (The most amusing idea I have had so far is the "Old Hams", but maybe that isn't the right one...  How about "Old Hammonds"?  Send us some ideas!)

We are aiming to do several things.  Firstly, to make our database of alumni more complete.  Pippa has contact details of a number of you, but some have changed address and have gone missing.  If you haven't heard from Pippa for a while, please send her a message giving her your latest contact information so that we can make sure that you hear about all that is going on at The Hammond.  Her email address is Pippa.Anderson@mac.com  and Pippa will be an integral part of our work with alumni.

Secondly, having made contact with you we want to bring you back into the life of the School once again.  Alumni have so much to offer a school - experience of various careers, contacts with the Big Wide World, useful advice for current students at the School, etc.  We would like to establish a regular series of events for alumni whether this be an annual dinner, a gala evening for one of our annual productions, an annual Dance event in our theatre - there are many possibilities.  We would also like to keep you up to date with the developments in the School.  Many of you may not have been inside the Hammond Theatre or our new state-of-the-art dance studios yet, or you may be unaware of how the School is growing and changing.  Most of our events are advertised through this website, and if you would like to follow us on Twitter then you will be kept informed automatically.

Thirdly, we would like to start building a Hammond Archive.  It is often said that the roots of the present and the future are in the past, and we feel that it would be a great project to start building an archive of information and photographs, hopefully leading to the printing of a book (or books!) that will chart the history, growth and development of the School through the eyes of its people.

This is a work in progress...  or, more properly, the start of a work in progress.  We hope that it will develop and snowball until our alumni are fully integrated into the future of the Hammond, to the benefit of all of us.  It all begins with us coming into contact, from wherever you are in the world.  Please do!

We look forward to hearing from you and to bulding a new relationship with the past, for the present and for the future.